Advancement through the ACUC ladder.

  1. Open Water Diver-OWD_Standards.pdfOWD_Standards.pdf
  2. Advanced Course - adv_crs_standard.pdfadv_crse_standard.pdf
  3. Specialty Courses-Wreck , Deep , Drift, Dry Suit Etc, Etc Please contact us regarding any specialty you want. Our Instructional staff are well versed and trained.
  4. First Aid & CPR- All the following courses require you to be certified in these by any of the recognized agency's. 
  5. Rescue Diver - rescue_crse_standards.pdfrescue_crse_standards.pdf
  6. Dive Master-Dive_Master_Standards.pdfDive_Master_Standards.pdf
  7. Assistant Instructor-Assist_Inst_Standards.pdfAssist_Inst_Standards.pdf
  8. Open Water Instructor-Inst_Standards.pdfInst_Standards.pdf
  9. Instructor Trainer-Inst_Trainer_Standards.pdfInst_Trainer_Standards.pdf

Contact us through the feedback page for additional course dates.

All of the above courses are offered in group, semi private and private lessons. Based on your schedule. 


Advanced Diver Course Starting Apr, 2019 - $175

Rescue Diver Course Starting Apr,2019   - $225

DAN Oxygen Provider Starting Apr 2019  - $100

Dive Master Course Starting Sept, 2019 - $325

Open Water Instructor Course Starting Sept, 2019 - $675

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