Ben Jaeckle
ACUC Instructor Trainer
905 870-3695

Ben has been associated with the McMaster dive program since 1987. He has taught the basic open water program as well as advanced diver, dive rescue, first aid, and CPR. Ben is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and has developed and taught military dive courses in Victoria, BC. This course continues to be taught to ACUC standards as ACUC is the only civilian organization recognized by the Canadian Armed Forces. Ben has initiated the many dive programs at the Flamborough, Burlington YMCA and Tanleys Woods Community Center for all levels of divers and is the course coordinator at present. Also organizing dive charters for a growing group of course graduates. Ben is an acting Captain with the Hamilton Fire Department.



Brian Stefurak MBA
ACUC Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Brian has been associated with the McMaster SCUBA program since 1989. He began as a student of the program while a student of the university. He has taught on the basic open water diver program as well as advanced diver, divemaster, rescue, underwater orientation, and ice diving courses. Brian has extensive dive experience throughout the world that he incorporates into his teachings. Brian is a systems engineer with Honeywell Canada.




Bruce King
ACUC Instructor Trainer

Bruce has been a member of the McMaster program since 1989. Originally certified in 1981, he has taught the basic open water program, night diving, advanced open water diving, divemaster, and rescue courses. His specialty courses include teaching Ice Diving, DAN Oxygen, and ACUC Visual Tank Inspection. In addition Bruce has performed as an Instructor evaluator on Instructor certification courses. Bruce is a Real Estate Broker based in Burlington.







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Lianne Stefurak

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James Anderson

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Byron Youg                          Valerie Lister                       Andy Lister

  Doug Lowry                   Marek Marczewski                 Ward Maltby


Satellite Staff:  - Australia

Cees Hek
ACUC Open Water Instructor

Cees started diving in 1995 with Mac Scuba. After completing his dive course he continued to help out with the McMaster program while working on further certification. He has completed his Recreational Nitrox, Oxygen Provider, Dive Master and Instructor certification. In 2000 Cees left to travel in Australia where he continued diving in places such as Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, , and New Zealand


Tracy Hek
ACUC Dive Master

Tracy started diving in 1997 when she signed up for her open water with Mac Scuba. She continued coming to help out with the program in the years after. Since then has completed several courses leading up to and including Dive Master Certification. In 2000 Tracy left to travel in Australia where she continued diving in places such as Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand.